Learning Disability Dictionary

Learning Disabilities

A group of developmental disorders related to difficulty in reading, writing and arithmetic. A person with a learning disability will have difficulty acquiring the basic skills expected of his peers.


Specific difficulty in reading words (inaccurate reading, slow reading).


Specific difficulty in writing words (spelling errors, slow writing). Can also be expressed as motor difficulty (pain / fatigue / exertion while writing, poor letter formatting).


Specific difficulty in arithmetic, reflected in difficulty in performing basic arithmetic calculations (for example, 5 + 8), difficulty in perceiving quantity (the ability to estimate quantity without counting), difficulty in reading or writing numbers.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurological-developmental disorder. ADHD is not a learning disability but a difficulty that can affect various learning functions (reading, writing, reading comprehension, arithmetic) and can manifest in all areas of life (work, interpersonal relationships and studies). People with ADHD have difficulty concentrating over time, distracted, dreamy, impulsive, motor and more. Some are taking medication (such as Ritalin) to concentrate better during tasks that require a lot of cognitive effort (e.g., listening to lessons, self-learning at home).

Language difficulties

Language difficulties are Reflected in the acquisition of the mother tongue. Children with language disabilities have difficulty understanding and conveying messages to the environment. They also have difficulty organizing verbal information and sharing ideas. In many cases people who have experienced Language difficulties will have difficulty acquiring reading ability. Examples: short expressions, interrupted speech, paused, stuttering, difficulty in organizing ideas in sentences.

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