About LDG

LDG (learning disabilities group) is a company that specializes in learning disabilities and works to develop professional and scientific tools for identifying learning disabilities. Our goal is to help parents, students, professionals and/or educational and academic institutions to locate the likelihood of the existence of learning disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the early stages online, as well as provide customized insights and guidance for diagnostic recommendation and options for assistance. We have developed the Learning Disabilities Calculator (LD-CALD) in order to help parents find online the likelihood that their child has a learning disability, in addition to giving the parent initial tools to continue. If you are interested in combining the professional tools of LDG for your academic/educational institution, or for research, feel free to visit the official website of LDG for additional information. For help please contact customer service.

Our Values & Commitments

Our vision is to help parents identify early learning difficulties caused by learning disabilities and/or ADHD, using professional and scientific tools developed by learning disability experts, at minimal cost and online. We believe in custom locating, mapping and guidance for the child’s difficulties, and are committed to providing reliable and up-to-date information on procedures for continuing the diagnostic process and assistance options.

We believe that the parent is the most significant function in the child’s life and therefore we advocate the full participation of the parent and call on them to take an active part in the process. In this way the parent will be able to understand in depth the child’s difficulties, and thus make sure that their child receives the best and most effective help.

LD-Calc venture was awarded Top-10 member status at the 2021 Israel Investment Conference: